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Denetim Kurulu

Denetim Kurulu

Dear friends of TEV,

The Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) is a non-governmental organization that was established with the vision of developing our human resources so that they can produce and use information.

TEV is a sacred trust that will live forever, passed on to us from our founders as we will pass it on to new generations, and one of its most important characteristics is the realization and perpetuation of the wishes and ideals of the many philanthropists who feel a responsibility towards Turkey.

Our donors, volunteers and management make TEV a big family that is proud to always be striving to offer more.

Chairman of Board of Directors

Adı Soyadı Ünvanı
Ateş Aykut TEV Denetim Kurulu Üyesi
Kemal Uzun TEV Denetim Kurulu Üyesi
Levent Yıldırım TEV Denetim Kurulu Üyesi