TEV - The Values That Define TEV

The Values That Define TEV

The Values That Define TEV

TEV's new goals to help prepare the environment necessary for our people to achieve a modern Turkey, and for the development of humanity:


  • To grant educational scholarships to more successful, young people who lack financial means,
  • To grant “High Merit Scholarships” to more young people with leadership qualities who will direct the country’s future,
  • To train greater numbers of gifted young people with high potential at TEVİTÖL with the aim of adding this potential to the benefit of our country,
  • To increase the number of female student dormitories,
  • To open primary schools, student dormitories, and teaching centers wherever they are needed across the country,
  • To support social responsibility projects.


  • To be contemporary, secular and democratic in accordance with the principles of Atatürk,
  • To work independently and with no obligations,
  • To stay conscious of public ethics and responsibility in regards to education,
  • To keep our promises,
  • To be open, honest and transparent,
  • To commit to national and international values.


To contribute to the development of generations empowered by education, who will lead innovation and change.


In the second century of our Republic, to provide access to quality education for successful individuals with limited financial means, based on the principle of equal opportunity in education, and to strengthen their surroundings by enabling them to discover their own potential.


To grant scholarships to successful students with limited financial means, to support the education system by building schools, student dormitories, training centers and libraries, to encourage students' work through awards, and to perform scientific research on education.

TEV Resources

  • Through grants
  • Through bequests
  • Scholarship funds
  • Funeral wreaths
  • Celebration day donations
  • Personal and corporate donations
  • Scholarship support packages (Meals – Transportation – Books – Artistic Support)