TEV - Areas of Activity

Areas of Activity

Areas of Activity

The Turkish Education Foundation employs about 165 people in its 13 branches, 3 student dormitories and at the General Directorate. Based on its strategic plan, it expanded its area of business by opening girls’ dormitories in Izmir, Trabzon and Ankara.

The Foundation took over the administration of the İnanç High School in 2001, renaming it the Turkish Education Foundation İnanç Türkeş Private High School (TEVİTÖL). Since 2001, outstanding students with high potential from all over Turkey have been living and studying there together.
Apart from the support units such as IT, Accounting, Legal and Human Resources departments in the Foundation, there is an Education Unit that serves for the primary purpose of the foundation, which is scholarship. Other units include a Real Estate Unit for transactions such as the evaluation of real estate and leasing, the Construction Unit which is concerned with the maintenance and repair of schools, dormitories and existing real estate, a Donation Projects Unit for Fund Management and Resource Development, and a Corporate Communications Unit which oversees the Foundation's corporate promotions. The Donation Acceptance Unit, which is very important within the foundation with a significant staff, provides a very comprehensive service printing wreaths, and celebration and certificate cards.
Domestic Scholarships
Vocational Secondary Education
Master’s Degree
Foreign Scholarships
Master’s Degree 

Social Activities

TEV offers financial support to its scholarship holding students, and it also organizes activities to help them improve socially, including:

  • Providing internship opportunities,
  • Organizing Technical education trips and morale boosting trips,
  • Providing Free English language courses (*),
  • Holding meetings to provide guidance and counseling services to scholarship students,
  • Offering free cinema, theater, concert and exhibition invitations,
  • Hosting social responsibility activities.

(*) The English language courses are held at the Turkish-American Universities Association and are available free of charge for TEV scholarship students. These courses are held 2 or 3 days a week, but can also be offered on the weekend if demand requires. Scholarship students can attend these courses following a placement test to determine their language level. Scholarship students who wish to attend must apply to the Directorate General of TEV and the Directorate of Education.

Other Contributions to Education

As part of its “University-Industry Integrated Education Project”, the Turkish Education Foundation commissioned a report titled “Industry’s Demand for Business Administration and Industrial Engineering” in order to determine the country’s needs. 

In addition, it conducted research to review the adaptation of guidance and consulting topics according to the country’s conditions titled “Guidance and Consulting in Higher Education Institutions”.
TEV has built 15 primary schools, 3 student dormitories and 2 Anatolian High Schools in locations where needed and based on the requests of donors. It also opened the Multi-Purpose Community Center in Batman for young girls to develop their manual skills, and the Apprentice Training Center in Tekirdağ for Turkish National Education.
In 1995 and 1998, TEV was awarded the “Education Foundation of the Year”.