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Domestic Scholarships

Domestic Scholarships

Scholarships are offered by TEV to domestic students enrolled in vocational schools, secondary schools, universities, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. These scholarships are aimed at supporting students who demonstrate academic success and a commitment to the principles of Atatürk, yet require financial assistance.

In its inaugural year, TEV awarded scholarships to 119 students, today more than 280,000 scholarships have been provided. Annually, prospective scholarship applicants can access information on eligibility criteria and application procedures via the TEV website, with submissions typically accepted from September onwards.

Recipients' academic performance is evaluated annually, with continued scholarship disbursement contingent upon sustained academic success. Scholarships are discontinued for students deemed unsuccessful or those who secure alternative funding sources. Effective 2022, students whose scholarships were terminated but subsequently restore satisfactory academic progress may reapply for scholarship consideration.

Monthly scholarship payments for the 2023-2024 academic year, distributed over 9 months from October to June, are as follows:

  • Vocational Secondary Education: 1,100 TL
  • University: 2,500 TL
  • Master’s: 3,750 TL
  • Doctoral: 5,000 TL
  • High Merit: 5,000 TL


TEV Special Scholarships

TEV also extends special scholarships annually to students with disabilities, wards under protection, and individuals affected by natural disasters or selected by educational institutions. Notably, scholarships have been awarded to survivors of various earthquakes and disasters, including the 1999 Marmara earthquake, 2002 Afyon earthquake, 2003 Bingöl earthquake, and 2011 Van earthquake, among others.

Furthermore, scholarships are provided to students affected by the 2014 Soma mine disaster, the 2020 Elazığ and İzmir earthquakes, as well as victims of floods and fires in 2021. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, scholarships were extended to students who lost parental support or faced financial hardship due to the global crisis beginning March 2020. Most recently, over 30 million TL was provided to students in / from the region impacted by the 2023 earthquake.

High Merit Scholarships

In addition to its core scholarship programs, TEV offers High Merit Scholarships to top-ranking students in the ÖSYM Higher Education Exam, provided they meet specified criteria and demonstrate leadership potential. This initiative, launched on the occasion of TEV's 40th anniversary, aims to nurture future leaders alongside the organization's ongoing commitment to supporting financially disadvantaged yet academically promising students.