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Domestic Scholarships

Domestic Scholarships

TEV grants scholarships to domestic vocational school, secondary school, university, postgraduate, and doctoral students who are successful and committed to the principles of Atatürk, but who need financial support.

In its first year, 119 students received TEV scholarships, and since then, a total of 269,000 scholarships have been granted. Starting in September every year, prospective scholarship students follow our TEV website and apply if they meet the requirements of their program.

Scholarship recipients’ grades are checked every year, and those who are successful continue to receive their scholarship until their studies end. The scholarships of students who are unsuccessful or who receive scholarships from other organizations are discontinued. Starting in 2022, students whose scholarships have been discontinued but who rectify their success status may be eligible for scholarship once again.

Monthly Scholarship Payments - 2022-2023 Academic Year (paid for 9 months between October and June.)

Vocational Secondary Education - 575 TL
University - 1,325 TL
Postgraduate - 2,000 TL
Doctoral - 2,650 TL
High Merit - 2,650 TL

TEV Special Scholarships

Every year, we also provide scholarships to students with disabilities or those under protection who have earned the right to attend higher educational institutions. We also provide them to children of families who have suffered from natural disasters that affect the country, as well those selected by educational institutions.

Similar to previous years in response to natural disasters, the Turkish Education Foundation has provided scholarships to student earthquake victims, including 4,041 from the 1999 Marmara earthquake, 1,000 from the 2002 Afyon earthquake, 100 from the 2003 Bingöl earthquake, and 400 from the 2011 Van earthquake.

We still provide scholarships to students who orphaned in the 2014 Soma mine disaster, who lost their parent(s) or home during the 2020 Elazığ and İzmir earthquakes, or who were affected by floods and fires in 2021.

With the support of our donors, we also provided scholarships to students who lost their parent(s) or suffered loss of income during the COVID-19 epidemic, which struck the world starting from March 2020.

High Merit Scholarships

Since the 40th anniversary of its establishment, the Turkish Education Foundation has been providing High Merit Scholarships to support the leaders of the future, in addition to the TEV Education (Higher Education) Scholarship granted to successful students in need of financial support. Students who rank in the top 5000 on the Higher Education Exam administered by ÖSYM, and who are eligible to attend the second year of university, who meet the requirements, and who believe they have leadership qualities can apply for a High Merit Scholarship.